Thermoplastic Parts


Complex Thermoplastic Parts / Interior & Exterior

Intech Aviation Services is proud to be an authorized distributer and manufacturing partner with Soltec providing the aviation community with design specific thermoplastic parts. Soltec is an industry leader in material research, engineering, tool design and manufacturing. We are excited to now offer interior and exterior ABS/polycarbonate/nylon parts manufactured precisely to customer specifications.

  • Shortest Lead-Time & Favorable Pricing
  • Variety of colors, design, patterns and textures available to compliment cabin aesthetics
  • 48” X 48” Thermoforming Machine
    • Upper & Lower Ramp
    • Upper & Lower IR-Heater
  • In House Tooling Fabrication
  • Rapid Reaction Prototype Tooling System
  • Tooling Developed Utilizing Design Software, Scanners, 3D Printers, CNC-machines
  • Precision Measuring Equipment
  • Innovative process allowing single tool utilization for forming as well as trimming resulting in gained efficiencies and costs savings to benefit our customers


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