Rapid Response Tooling System


Quick Turn Tool Fabrication Capability

In our world of custom completion, refurbishment and modification, there is a strong probability of encountering a legacy molded plastic or composite part which is no longer available.  You may find the engineering cannot be located or is so outdated it just does not support new manufacturing and conformity.  Or, the existing tools require enough rework that it is more cost effective to make new.

No worries, we will implement our “Rapid Reaction Tooling System”.  With customer supplied existing part or tool information, such as an old or new part, an old or new tool or an old drawing, the engineering team will do the rest.  The “Rapid Reaction Tooling System” will generate a valid CAD file for part and tool to support fabrication of a new production tool.  Additionally, new part fabrication is available to the customer upon request.

A recent (and real life) example of the process follows:

  • An urgent customer project need arose when it was realized existing tooling would not support production conformity of a molded part
  • The customer provided a part example and the tooling for repair but had no drawing or CAD file
  • Upon a full part scan and all dimensions/characteristics defined, it was determined the existing tool was too far out of spec for repair
  • Project clock ticking, the team took action – CAD file created, 3D printed tool proof produced – Tool proof approved – New production tool machined
  • The part’s CAD file and finished, assembled production tool was delivered to the customer in time to avoid schedule impact
  • From PO issuance to production tool delivery was 10 business days (less than two weeks)

Photos depict the out of spec tool, the new CAD file and finally the new machined and assembled lay up tool

We take pride in our ability to quickly provide our customers with solutions that prevent a project from derailment.  We’re ready to go to work for you!


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